Friday Night Story

What I Didn’t Get For Christmas

The snow and ice on the roads- they say the most in 40 years- changed my holiday plans at the last minute. I didn’t get to my dad’s house. He said that was okay, that it was a once in a lifetime storm, just so long as I made it next year. That also meant I didn’t get to play Christmas bingo (though I suppose it wouldn’t have been the same this year, two grandmas lighter than last).

I didn’t get to see my nephew’s face light up (hopefully) when he opened his present (though I suppose I’ll still get to when the weather lets up). I didn’t get to work on Christmas morning, which would have been double-overtime.

I didn’t get to make it to Sears to pick up my step-dad’s present; for all of the injuries between us, I still feel bad about that. I also didn’t make it to the liquor store, though my brother can wait til it thaws for his Petron.

I didn’t get to fall in love, though for a time it looked like I might. But I also didn’t get myself in a ditch; I didn’t get any late-night calls about family emergencies. I didn’t get cancer, I haven’t got fat. And while sometimes I get lonely, it never lasts.

I think that’s why I can’t make suggestions for presents, because I’ve already got what I want.

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