Friday Night Story

Something to Say

At exactly 02:13:04 in the morning she was seen on the security cameras pounding on the front door. Budget cuts last year meant that every other station house in the city was manned only 12 hours a day. After a couple of minutes banging on the steel door she turned around. While crossing the street she was struck by a blue station wagon with wood paneling. The driver got out and put the woman in his trunk without getting more than a pair of cream slacks and brown loafers onscreen.

Half a dozen officers spent the day combing the city for the car or the woman. Analysis of the tape showed her to be a Latina in her mid-thirties. A call after lunchtime led officers directly to the alley her body was left in. She had no identification, and beads from a rosary that had likely been taken from the victim were also found at the scene.

When the car struck her it shattered her femur. She rolled over the hood, striking the roof with her hip. She landed head first on the concrete, resulting in a concussion. This also dislocated her C-3 vertebrae, compressing her spine, causing paralysis. Skuff marks on the pavement from her shoes indicate she was dragged to the trunk, indicating that the driver believed her to be dead. The inside of her dress contained quantities of human urine and feces, indicating that she lost control of her bowels and bladder. As neither were found outside the station or in the alley, it is likely this occurred while her body was in transit in the trunk. No underwear were discovered with her body.

Her face was largely swollen, and at some point prior to her death she received a blow to the face, although this injury could have occured when she was struck by the vehicle. Her body core temperature indicates a time of death around six in the morning, indicating she temporarily survived her injuries. Deposits on her face indicate a strong likelihood that she became conscious at some point after being deposited in the alley, and that she was crying.

The rape kit found evidence of recent sexual activity. The level of inflammation of the genitals could indicate sexual assault. She lacked tell signs like bruises, or blood beneath her fingernails, and no foreign pubic hair was present.

No one has responded to the flyers with her description, and she doesn’t match any reported missing persons. She has a cesarean scar on her abdomen, calluses on her palms and fingertips, and a hummingbird tattooed on her ankle. And she’s got something to say, and it’s my job to give her a voice.

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