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scroll Wilson's first story about the American outbreak is done. His English artist friend, Steven Denton, finished captioning it. I suspect they'll got to print with these quickly, but we have a little advance notice on them. The root kit is still functioning, so if Denton receives further communications from Wilson, we'll be aware of them.

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New Corpse Smell 1

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New Corpse Smell 2

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New Corpse Smell 3

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New Corpse Smell 4

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New Corpse Smell 5

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New Corpse Smell 6

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IAEA memo
Shirazi, Aida, SPC. Evaluation
da Silva, Jose, SGT. Evaluation Beleo, Alejandro, MSG. Eval…
Meden, Erik SGM. Eval.
Hull, Roy, Mission Audit
Kale, Peter, CPL. Evaluation
Phillips, Alan SPC. Evaluation
Maple, Lance SGT. Evaluation
Hull, Roy, Session (part one)
Hull, Roy, Session (part two)
Hawthorne, Charles, 1SG. Eval…
Ruben, Lamar, SSG. Evaluation
Evers, Daniel, 2LT. Evaluation
"Smokey", Confidential
Phillips X 01
Phillips X 02
Phillips X 03- 05
Phillips X 06- 09
Phillips X 10-11
Perez, Shiela, SSG. Evaluation
Diekes editorial cartoon
Bordo Bereliler letter
New Corpse Smell sketches
Zero Journal 001

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