Friday Night Story

Herricanes Prequel

Page 1;


Panel One

BLACK NIGHT is a lean African American man standing at 5’10”. He wears black leather coat with short sleeves, and leather fingerless gloves. Inside his coat and on his belt he carries a wide assortment of weapons, specifically those associated with martial arts or that can double as tools. His face is covered by a domino mask. He is standing on a rooftop, and has just noticed that a young woman is landing on his roof. She is KATRINA, also called the Herricane. She wears a purple costume with obvious influences from Sailor Moon. The outfit is built from a stretching material, because one of Katrina’s abilities has to do with growing large. It has one of those oval cleavage windows, and a skirt that’s not too short yet. She also wears a cape, because she loves the way it billows behind her when she flies. She has long brown hair and a warm, cheerful face.  


BLACK NIGHT:                               Katey? I haven’t seen you since last summer? You filling out that costume real well.


KATRINA:                                         It’s nice to see you out in the light of day.


Panel Two

He leans over the edge of the building, looking five stories down at an unfamiliar city below. He feels a bit self-conscious being out in the light like this.


BLACK NIGHT:                               I’m Black Night. This ain’t really my thing, but it’s hard for a man to turn down a state of emergency. You still rolling with that Justice crew?


KATRINA:                                         We don’t have any like team name or anything. We just do what needs to get done, and sometimes that’s easier in a group.


Panel Three

He turns towards her. They’re standing closer than either of them intended. He smiles.


BLACK NIGHT:                               I ain’t buying what you’re selling.


Panel Four

She smiles, too. Meanwhile, he’s put his hand to one ear, listening in on a police scanner. Her word balloon is placed at the top, towards the left of the panel, his at the bottom towards the right.


KATRINA:                                         Right, the lone wolf of Chicago wants nothing to do with us East Coast superheroes.


BLACK NIGHT:                               We got to go. Scanners just picked up someone setting explosives at the 17th street levees.


Panel Five

Closer on Katrina. She is drop-dead, girl-next-door amazingly gorgeous.


KATRINA:                                         I forget, do you fly?


BLACK NIGHT:                               Only first class.


KATRINA:                                         Then grab my wrists.


Panel Six

Katrina flies toward the coast with the Black Night in tow. He’s kicking his legs in a panic as she drags him through the air, suspended by his wrists.


BLACK NIGHT:                               It’s only a couple blocks. We could waaaaa-




Page Two;


Panel One

Katrina and the Black Night land in the grass along the edge of the 17th Street Canal. Katrina is standing with her hands on her, and they are facing each other in profile.


BLACK NIGHT:                               That was… interesting. Now how do you want to do this?


KATRINA:                                         Um, could you do me a favor?


KATRINA:                                         Could you stop pretending you’re not staring at my cleavage?


KATRINA:                                         There’s a window there for a reason.


Panel Two

Same shot as before, only Katrina has grown much larger. She is now halfway out of panel, and her costume is clinging to her especially tight as she tries the limits of its stretchiness.


KATRINA:                                         Thank you.


BLACK NIGHT:                               Damn, girl.


BLACK NIGHT:                               I like em big, but… damn.


Panel Three

Katrina poses fiercely as bullets from an AK 47 bounce off of her.


KATRINA:                                         If you don’t stop trying to look up my skirt, I’m going to grow too big for my clothes.


BLACK NIGHT:                               I wouldn’t mind.


Panel Four

Closer on Katrina. One of the bullets hits her in the shoulder, tearing her costume and breaking her bra. Katrina catches the cloth and her bust as they both try to fall.


KATRINA:                                         I would.


KATRINA:                                         Damnit.


KATRINA (smaller):                          I liked that bra.




Page 3;


Panel One

Black Night runs past Katrina, reaching for the shuriken on his belt as he leaps over a grenade. One of the terrorists is trying to climb up Katrina’s leg, which is nearly as tall as he is. The terrorists are dressed in form-fitting black militaristic uniforms, complete with full-face black masks and goggles.


Panel Two

Black Night throws three shuriken out of the panel as the grenade explodes behind him. Katrina swats the guy off her with a backhand, sending him hurtling towards the ground.  


KATRINA:                                         Kate Smash!


Panel Three

Black Night punches the nearest terrorist as the other puts a new clip into his AK 47.


Panel Four

Black Night holds up the man he just punched as a shield as the other terrorists tries to shoot through his comrade.


Panel Five

From off-panel, Katrina throws a terrorist into the man trying to shoot Black Night.


Panel Six

Black Night kneels down to disarm the bomb.


BLACK NIGHT:                               Thanks


Panel Seven

Insert panel in the corner of panel six, extremely close up as the Black Night uses a thin-bladed knife to cut through three wires he’s separated from a larger bundle of different colored wires.




Page 4;


Panel One

Katrina has returned back to her normal size, and lands beside the Black Night. She’s still holding the shredded shoulder of her costume, as well as her bust, up.


KATRINA:                                         That was good work.


KATRINA:                                         Maybe tonight you can ogle me out of costume.


BLACK NIGHT:                               Oh yeah?


Panel Two

Katrina moves to cover her mouth as she turns red. But in doing that, she costume starts to slip off her again.


KATRINA:                                         That did not come out how I meant it


BLACK NIGHT:                               I don’t hear you retracting the offer.


KATRINA:                                         Oh--


Panel Three

She catches it before it gets too far, and smiles at him. 


KATRINA:                                         You’re a very bad man.


BLACK NIGHT:                               And I excel at getting very good girls to do very bad things.


Panel Four

Katrina leans in close to him. This should echo the moment earlier on the rooftop.


KATRINA:                                         Pick me up outside my hotel.


BLACK NIGHT:                               Where are you staying?


Panel Five

She smiles wickedly.


KATRINA:                                         I’m sure you can find out.


Panel Six

She flies away, leaving a stunned Black Night on the ground.


BLACK NIGHT:                               Damn, girl.  



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