Friday Night Story

Black Thoughts

“Do you know why you’re here?” Allen was quiet. “I’ll tell you. The immediate area surrounding you consists of 17% Hispanic Americans, 22% African Americans, and 4% Asian Americans. However, your company employs less than 5% of these minorities in executive positions, and only 25% make up the balance of your workforce. That is why we brought you here. This morning you were given a test to measure positive and negative opinions of racial characteristics and traits, and you scored in the moderately biased category.”

“What this means is you will be compelled to complete a racial opinion realignment course before being reintroduced into society. When we have reduced your bias to minimal, your position and status will be returned.” Allen Blinked. “I don’t hate black people.”

“Certainly not. Your bias rated in the moderate category, not even on the cusp of an active bias, let alone an aggressive bias, but your statement highlights the problem. The preference is not to specify people of color at all, but the term African American is still acceptable under the NAACP guidelines. It’s a combination of this sort of ignorance, fear, and xenophobia that we have to cure you of.”

“How can you cure me?” Allen’s eyes watered. “We place probes in your brain to measure fear responses, then show you pictures of minorities. Any time your reaction to a minority differs from your reaction to pictures of European Americans, you will receive a series of punitive shocks. The change in severity depends on the degree of your negative reaction. Do you understand the charge and nature of your sentence.” Allen tried to speak. “I- I- I just hired the person most suitable-”

“Do you understand the charge and nature of your sentence?” “Why are you doing this to me?” The man switched off the recorder on the table. “Because, Mr. Allen, you’re a racist. Be glad we don’t just murder you.”

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