Friday Night Story

Do. Fir is a short story set in America, written in script form. It was penciled and inked by the extraordinarily talented Giovanni P. Timpano. This was a running journal of the steps we took to get Do. Fir from script to comic.

Script The original script. Complete with words.
Character Sketches Gio began with sketches. We wrote back and forth, discussing changes, notes, etc.
Character Apparel Gio then started on something I never would have thought of- costumes.
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Each page, with layout, pencils, and inks, and commentary.
Cover It seems counterintuitive that the cover would come last, but it did, and so it will.
Inspiration 2/3 of the way through Gio asked me my inspiration for the story. I don't think he had any idea how long I would go on.

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